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“What a difference this product has made to our business! I have had nothing but positive feedback from my customers about the new urinals, not least about the fact that the smell in the gents' toilet is positively fragrant! From my point of view, the money I am saving on water will very quickly pay the cost of the urinals and then some. Added to that, knowing that we are doing something to help the environment in this day and age is an absolute bonus.”

Owner, Gastropub, London

“This product is fantastic as it meets all the needs for the individual and the environment”

Franchisee, McDonald’s Restaurant, London

“I am very pleased with the Ecoprod system that we have installed at the college. Our previous systems were inadequate and we suffered terrible blockages and smells. Since we replaced the urinals using the URIMAT system, the issues of blockages and smells have gone.”

Facilities Manager,  College, Oxfordshire

“We made the decision to change from the standard urinal with timed flush to your waterless urinal to gauge the reaction from the public and male staff. From the day it was installed this was a success, not only for the savings made with no water being used, but the environment of the toilet that the urinal is in has improved. No complaints from staff or public. We put three more units into the main male toilet at the entrance to the Hospital during an upgrade; again a success with no complaints about the smell or condition of the urinals.
Both estates plumbers and housekeeping staff were very concerned initially as they had used waterless urinals before and had a bad experience with them; now nothing but praise for your products.”

Estates Manager, NHS Foundation Trust Hospital, Surrey

“The product and service from Ecoprod is excellent and in the year since installing just one URIMAT waterless urinal we have saved 52,000 litre of water! The system is easy and simple to maintain and there are no odours or smells.”

Property and Construction (Health & Safety) Manager, City Council, South Coast

“I am more than happy to commend your URIMAT Waterless Urinals. They look good, function well and are easy to maintain. There is also the benefit of water savings which, although I have not analysed it, is likely to be about £500 p.a. per urinal. I have received good feedback from club members and visitors alike and am delighted that we made the change.”

General Manager/Secretary, Golf Club, Surrey

“URIMAT waterless urinals have been installed at the airport since September 2011. Currently there are 11 waterless urinals from URIMAT in operation at the airport. With URIMAT, water consumption at the airport has been considerably reduced. Furthermore, benefits to the urinal waste pipes have been noticed. Previous bad odours, waste pipe blockages and overflowing urinals have been eliminated. These issues were a reoccurring nuisance in the past with the former water-flushed urinals.
Cleaning of URIMAT waterless urinals has been received positively by the cleaning staff. Overall hygiene levels within the toilet facilities have been improved, also due to significantly lower splash-back accumulation beneath the urinals. Chemical-free operation and cleaning of URIMAT is also in line with the environmental policy of the airport. Upgrading the toilets with URIMAT waterless urinals has been welcomed by commuters and visitors. URIMAT is a cost-efficient, clean and hygienic urinal solution which we would recommend to other commercial enterprises with high urinal use.”

Facilities Manager, Regional Airport, UK

“When we first installed URIMAT waterless urinals I was not alone in being sceptical as to the effectiveness of the process and the validity of some of the claims made. However, we are now on our third order and can confirm that all claims are true. We have been able to replace troublesome plumbing and resultant bad odours with bright, sturdy products which are easily kept clean and smelling fresh with a simple daily routine. The urinals are well made, entirely functional and good value when, as in our case, we have been able to do away with dysfunctional old pipe work and save on water usage into the bargain. The whole process has been a win-win process for us from start to finish. Thank you for the role you and your company have played.”

Bursar, Independent School, Essex